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Top Gear To Be Packed For Safari In Democratic Republic Of Congo

Are you planning to spend a vacation to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but you do not know which equipment to carry? Whereas self drive safaris have become one of the most sought after experiences by most travelers to Africa, for travelers who are planning to spend a vacation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, self drive tours in most cases are not encouraged. However, car hire in DRC has enabled most travelers to realize their dreams in this remarkable destination especially in Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park.

There are many Car Hire Companies for one to choose to deal with in the DR Congo and you will have a chance to explore most of its stunning and exceptional tourist sites. Whereas visitors on safari to Uganda and Rwanda have a chance to track mainly the rare mountain gorillas, with DRC, visitors have amazing opportunity to two distinct ape species which include the mountain gorillas in the Virunga National Park and the Eastern Lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park or in Maiko National Park and after they can make comparisons which at the end rewards them with the most thrilling primate experiences of lifetime. For travelers who are planning to take a trip to the DRC, note that not all gear should be packed for adventures in DRC but specific gadgets are worth carrying if you are to have the most successful safari in this country of natural wonders.

Below are some of the gadgets that you have to carry for safaris in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


A camera is one of the important things that shouldn’t miss out in your packing list whether you are traveling for birding or mountain gorilla trekking adventures. Imagine striking your imaginations with a huge silverback mountain gorilla with its family in the wilderness of the Virunga National Park and you do not have a camera to take photos and you simply watch your colleagues do it.

It really hurts because you won’t have anything to show your colleagues whom you left back home and even you won’t have something keep as part of your records. You need to have a better camera and should not have a flashlight and if it does, while taking photographs of the gorillas, you are advised to turn off the flashlight as it can irritate these endangered species something that may cause problems to you.

GPS navigation system

The Global Positioning System is also an important gear that helps travelers trace different areas and new destinations at ease as it comes along with a map. Prior traveling to a new destination, make sure that you have packed an up to date GPS navigation system along with you and you won’t have challenges looking for main, rural areas in any destination of your choice. If you cannot get one, you can book a car with GPS in any tour company of choice and you will have a chance to explore different areas with minimal challenges.

Power Bank Portable Power Supply

In case you are planning to pay a visit to the DRC, make sure that your devices are fully charged as you may find it challenging to charge in most of the remotest parts of the country. Alternatively, you can come along with a portable power bank with USB chargers to assist you keep your phones or tablets on at all times. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors that suit all visitors’ interests. Make sure that they are compatible with your type of device especially the output voltage.

Laptop or tablet device

You may need a portable laptop specifically a candid laptop or ipad to help you post all that you encountered to your friends, families back home as a way to motivate them also to visit this remarkable destination. It will also help you to keep up to date events in new a destination and especially for cases of emergencies. And never leave out the adapters or power bank to assist you in case the battery goes low.

Personal Wi-Fi hotspot

You may need to keep yourself on internet and in most cases you may not find access in most of the rural areas in Africa. This means that carrying your own Wi-Fi hotspot will help you have access to internet while even in the remote areas.

Luggage tracker

You need a luggage tracker to assist you locate any lost property just in case of misplacement. The luggage trackers are usually made with advanced micro-electronics and ground based cellular telephone technologies that make tracking and reporting locations very easy. Never leave out this important gadget as it will improve your transfer from one area to another.

In conclusion, if you are planning your gorilla trekking safari to the Democratic Republic of Congo, note that most safaris begin from Kigali-Rwanda and you connect to Congo. However, DR Congo features as one of the best destination for Great Ape safaris in African continent as visitors have opportunity to track both the rare mountain gorillas and Eastern Lowland gorillas.

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