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Itanda waterfalls are situated along the mighty River Nile, Eastern Uganda. The waterfalls are found approximately 30 kilometers off Jinja and they take 45 minutes to drive up to the main area. Unlike other tourist attraction, Itanda waterfalls feature among the very few untouched tourist sites that are worth exploring and discovering while you are on safari in Uganda and you will be filled by authentic African experiences. The route to these waterfalls isn’t as it is a case at the source of the Nile. Itanda waterfalls at Jinja are still the Nile non-commercialized like it used to be before. The waterfalls are considered by locals as a sacred site, a blessed spot where those living around the falls usually come to pray at the base of a tree during times of adversity like need for physical miracle.

Jinja is only complete with waterfalls along the source of the Nile. Itanda falls are situated in Jinja flowing through the River Nile just like the popular Bujagali falls that attracted several visitors in the previous years. Itanda waterfalls are a few most spectacular tourist sites and they come with several ripples compared to Bujagali falls. This means the waterfall holds a lot more for tourists on Uganda safari. If you have ever thought about adrenaline adventures in Jinja then this is one of the spots that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. Itanda waterfalls remarkably offer adventure enthusiasts opportunity to participate in Kayaking and white water rafting. The two adventures are among the very few experiences that rank Jinja as a capital of adrenaline adventures in East Africa.

A safari to Jinja rewards travelers with several amazing attractions including the most spectacular waterfalls, cultural sites around Itanda falls, nature walks, birds and many more. At the waterfalls, visitors get thrilled by the vibrant sound that come from the rushing water gush by and then make up the three levels of rapids. The powerful sound of these waterfalls can even be heard at a distance off from the real site. The volume of its water, the force in which it flows makes it the best spot for white water rafting experience and Kayaking that both are amazing water games for visitors who are interested in water sports.

Itanda falls also offer other remarkable tourist attractions like visit to forest Islands that thrives within water.

Apart from trees, there are also some birds and it is the best spot for one to engage in a boat ride across. A trip to these waterfalls ideally rewards visitors on Uganda safari given its most refreshing and relaxing adventures. Itanda and the rest of waterfalls make up an ever growing tourism in Jinja and without these spectacular tourist sites on River Nile, Jinja would probably not be popular as it is to day.

In conclusion, Itanda fall is one of the most outstanding waterfalls that make Jinja a capital of adrenaline adventures in East Africa. A visit to these waterfalls rewards visitors with not only its water sports but also other amazing attractions like birds and at the end of the day, you will have lifetime experiences.

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