Essentials For A Memorable Mountain Biking Ride Within Uganda

Mountain biking is one of the most interesting and adventurous activities to enjoy in Uganda during your safari. One of the most unforgettable things about this invigorating activity is that it allows the participant to travel further and faster into the back-country that you could have otherwise done on foot. This also implies that when something goes unexpectedly wrong like injuries or mechanical faults, it will probably be up to you to address the problem. Therefore, some of the important items to pack for the mountain biking trip include;

Documents and Money

A Credit or ATM Card, extra cash, International Drivers License, Passports and Visas, Travelers cheques, Tickets/airfares, Photocopies of your license and passports, Emergency contact information, Travel Insurance card and contact list for family members and friends should not miss on your packing list for a mountain biking trip.

Appropriate cycling Clothes

It’s not as if some people ride nakedly, but the appropriate clothes for tourists going for a mountain biking trip have to carry Cycling jersey or T-shirt, Cycling shorts or even long loose-fitting trousers, cycling gloves (1-2 pairs), a Helmet of proper fit and size, cycling socks and shoes (especially the running shoes if you are using toe-clips).

Several Bicycle Accessories

You need to carry a truck or Rack bag for rainy times, rain covers or plastic bags, Handlebar bag plus a mounting bracket,  you need a comfortable saddle, frame or seat bag, Handlebar extensions, LED Flashlight, water bottles and Hydration Pack, bike Locks, Front and rear fenders, reflectors, sunscreen, tire pump and a dog/bear pepper spray.

Bile Tools and Spare parts

Carry a Patch kit, Tire Pump, Shock pump, screw drivers, Hose Clamps and carriage bolts, Chain Lube, at least two spare tubes, Degreaser, tire lever, Tire Pressure Gauge, Spokes, Brake pads, Chain tool and spare links, Spare tires and nuts plus bailing wire and bolts as well as Bicycle multi-tools among others.

Gadgets and Travel items

Gadgets are very ideal for any kind of trip you plan to undertake and these include Digital camera with a charger, batteries, memory cards and other accessories, a cell phone plus a charger, GPS, you also need LED Headlamp with enough batteries, MP3 Player or IPod with earphones and charger, USB Flash Drive, a Laptop with its charger and Accessories, guidebooks and journals/notebooks/a voice recording device, Binoculars and a reading magazine or book among others.

Personal items and toiletries

Tourists planning to go on a mountain biking trip in Uganda have to carry toiletries (such as deodorants, floss, tooth brush, tweezers, tooth paste, shampoo, nail clippers, lotion, travel towel, multi-vitamins, lip balm, hair conditioner, skin cream, and hair comb) and other personal items such as contact lenses, watch, eye glasses, prescription medication,  sunscreen and sunglasses and insect repellent.

Camping gear or Equipment

A mountain biking trip can be complete if done with Camping of which you need a tent with poles, ground sheet and stakes, air pillow, a sleeping bag with a liner, an air mattress with stuff sack and pad, a backpacking stove, cooking pot, a bike cover, utensils, mosquito net, a portable Camp Chair, clothes pin, a light backpack/daypack and bike cover among others.

First Aid Kit

Items not to miss on your first aid kit include adhesive first aid tape, Band aids, ointment, alcohol wipes, blister bandages, anti-itch cream, foot powder, anti-chafing balm and liniment or muscle relief cream as well as anti-diarrheal tablets.

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