The Congo Nile Divide Trail

If you are a hiker, the Congo Nile divide trail is one of the best trails you shouldn’t miss to hike through while on safari in Nyungwe Forest National park. The Congo Nile Divide area of Rwanda and Burundi is a mountainous region in the southern part of Congo Nile Divide, to the east of the Albertine rift. It comprises of the Nyungwe Forest, Kibira National Park and the Bugoyi people live around this area. The trail hikes kick off from the north in the most famous Lakeside town of Lake Kivu-Gisenyi, Rubavu district the most popular town with stunning sandy beaches and many hotels. This area attracts most visitors after their gorilla treks in Volcanoes National Park.

Lake Kivu itself features several water sports which reward visitors with the most memorable experiences most of which include boat tours. The Congo Nile stretches southwards through Lake Kivu, to various tourist attractions like the roadside coffee and tea plantations, waterfalls and watershed. It crosses about five Provinces (from Rubavu through Rutsiro to Karongi, Nyamasheke and then to Rusizi district) with 9 more spectacular base camps and comfortable accommodation, 3 bonus sub trails that provide different experiences, astonishing scenic views and endless smiles.

Part of the mountainous areas at this trail stands about 3000 meters high and within Rwanda, it fluctuated between 1500 and 1800 meters. The Congo Nile Divide trail stretches through different regions and ends at Butare Cyangugu road approximately (7) seven kilometers west of Uwinka. The 227 kilometer trail was established in 2007 and stretches through a ridge which makes up part of this divide.

While hiking through this trail, never miss to catch a glimpse at variety of floral and faunal species like Angolan colobus, several bracken fields, sedge marshes, open fields, primary, secondary and bamboo forests. The floral species consist of wild flowers, ericaceous shrubs. About 1344 species of plants thrive within the area which also includes the 187 endemic species and 18 threatened species. There are about 123 species of mammals, 19 of these are endemic and 14 are threatened. Besides, there are 43 reptile species 11 of which are endemic and over 267 bird species, 29 of these are endemic and 7 (seven) are threatened and the notable ones include the red collared mountain babbler, Ruwenzori Turaco, Kivu ground thrush and others.

For those who wish to explore this trail, you will need at least 5 to 10 days to explore the spectacular landscapes which include thousands of rolling hills, clear water and explore most of the amazing cultural experiences. Visitors who wish to hike through this trail can also spend a night in one of 8 established campsites on the trail.

In conclusion, the Congo Nile Divide trail is remarkably one of the best hiking trails that you should consider a must to hike through while on vacation in Nyungwe Forest National Park. It rewards visitors with lots of exceptional tourist attractions which may not find in other trails.

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