Packing List For Horseback Riding

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Is horseback riding one of your dream experiences and you are not sure of which items to pack? While horseback riding has featured among the most exciting and lovely experiences, interested visitors need to consider which items to pack before setting off for your actual experience. In order for you to have a memorable horseback riding experience, it all depends on which you will be and under which climatic condition you will be riding and all these require adequate planning and appropriate packing.

Below are some of the major items that you need to consider in your packing list

  • Riding helmet

Whereas the packing list may differ from one country to another, it is advisable that you don’t miss to include a well fitted riding helmet or hat in your packing list and this should be in line with the up to date standards especially the British or European Union standards. For starters, you may find helmets at the destination but the challenge will come in when you don’t find any that fits you. Your helmet should be lightweight and offers you that total comfort as you ride.

  • Riding trousers

For a memorable horseback riding tour, you will need comfortable riding trousers or rather jodhpurs plus half leg chaps that will make you ride for longer hours. If you are planning to ride from one of the western countries, then you will need jeans or normal trousers. They should waterproof. However, the challenge with jeans is that they tend to cause some pain especially as they rub against the stirrup leather. You will need at least 2 pairs of trousers. Other clothing include cotton scarf, riding pants, padded bike shorts, long sleeved cotton shirts, vest,

  • Footwear

If you are planning for a horseback riding tour in your destination of choice, riding footwear should be a must for you to have. This will help offer you safety as you ride and most importantly, you need boots/shoes that are perfect for you to walk in case it means for you to walk along your horse for some time and shouldn’t be only for riding. They should offer support to your ankle as you ride or walk.

  • Wash bag items

In your wash bag, you will need to include sunscreen, lip balm and this should have sun protection element, skin c0lored zinc sunscreen and wet wipes, dry shampoo, chafing cream and many others.

  • Other extras

You also need riding gloves, personal toiletries, waist handy bag is also important for you to pack your camera and some small items while riding. You will as well need a spare battery for camera, insect repellents especially DEET can be more preferable, head torch, bottle of water, travel thermos, sunglasses, binoculars, portable battery pack, travel adapter, seat saver and others.

  • Medical or first aid kit

First aid kit should be a must for you to carry where you will have some basic remedies especially antihistamines, cold remedies, painkillers, antacids and others. You may also come with anti diarrhea, water purification tablets.

  • Camping

If you are planning to camp afterwards, then don’t forget your sleeping bag. Depending on the destination that you will be, bags are at times provided what matters long as they are clean. Your sleeping bag should be lightweight and should be easier for you to pack as well as some travel towels.

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