Why a self drive trip in Uganda is a bad idea?

Is a self drive bad or good? When it comes to self drive tours in Uganda most tourists have been intimidated about this experience. However, Ugandans are the most welcoming people to interact with while on a trip. They are humble, friendly, patient and kind. The usual rules of the road are not in Uganda, most traffic laws are there but they are never implemented and neither are they followed.

Uganda is known for the highest road accident and fatality rates in Africa and may not be good for self drive. Unlike in Rwanda, Uganda’s roads are still on poor conditions. Below are some of the reasons why self drive trip is a bad idea in Uganda;

Terrible road conditions

Roads in Uganda have a little bit improved. However, potholes still exist in most of the remotest areas where tourism in the country is conducted. Most of the roads have caused most accidents for most travelers.

Restrictions on the road

Like any safari, taking a self drive tour also comes with some obstacles around the protected areas where you will come across the elephants, antelopes and many more biodiversity roaming and crossing the road or chicken, goats, cows and many more while on a trip to the rural areas. In case of anything, do not stop there, run to the closest police station and report the incident, otherwise if you stopped you will be risking yourself.

The president of the republic of Uganda doesn’t believe in self drive

The president is driven all the country, outside Kampala and Entebbe International Airport in a heavier four wheel drive car to transverse through the roads in Uganda. If the president himself doesn’t believe going solo travel, it can be better for you now to take up the full tour package from tour operator with experienced driver guide where you will catch a glimpse of variety surrounding attractions.

Leave the driving to us and enjoy the safari

There are usually issues like we know Uganda, we know how to drive in Uganda and yet you are new in the destination and you don’t know even some of the signs say flashing, blinking of left or right turn signals and importance of each of them. Should we break down, plan B is underway, we know what to do and we have several experienced driver guides that offer you that extra which you may not find during a self drive tour in Uganda.

Might make it right

Uganda has lots of traffic laws that have not been applied in anyway. Trucks and buses are some other means as well as caravans, many government cars crossing on high speed. Position and power is the absolute and it usually comes with main figures involved in road accidents while others end up dying.

Police traffic stops

You are likely to meet police standing on the road side flagging you down. And you will ask yourself what should I do? This might not have happened to you in other destinations while on self drive trip but for Uganda you will meet these people. You will be on self drive trip and with or without any clue on how to interact with police compared to repeat travelers. Avoid making too many stops as traffic will become part of you as this can also turn to be income generating source for most of traffic police officers.

Dangers of driving at night

The road regulation changes at night. You will realize that a few drivers will drive without headlights. Drunk driving is the commonest thing most Ugandans take alcohol and this means you have to be extra careful while on road at night. Do not drive at a night a part from the route between Kampala and Entebbe but night driving isn’t recommended nation wide.

In conclusion therefore, when it comes to self drive safaris in Uganda, there are many hindrances that have limited visitors from achieving their long time dreams in the country. Before considering a self drive to Uganda, make sure you first consider the negative part of it, otherwise you will be disappointed while on a trip to most of its magnificent protected areas. However, this doesn’t mean that self drive is impossible in Uganda! It is possible and many tourists have successfully conducted their self drive trips throughout the country.

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