Kapchorwa Tourism Attractions

Situated in Eastern Uganda at a border area with Kenya, Kapchorwa features a number of incredible tourist attractions that are worth including in your bucket list. This remarkable district is surrounded by Mbale and Bulambuli in the west, Sironko in the south and many other areas. It mainly inhabited by the Kalenjin people that include the sub groups of the Sabiny, Nandi and Pokot who make a population of over 194000 people and its town area features around 9000 occupants. Kapchorwa covers an area of about 1731.7 square kilometers with about 1.2% wetland area. Some parts of the district are occupied by Mount Elgon ranges. The lower parts consists of settlements and the secondary vegetation, whereas its thick low lying canopy forests cover the mid height areas of the Elgon.

Kapchorwa is undeniably one of the tourism paradises in Uganda which offers visitors the most amazing moments, experiences and opportunity to explore its remarkable naturalness. Its landscapes are worth exploring while you are on safari in Uganda and incredibly, it features among the few areas that have not been fully explored by most visitors. A trip to this Kapchorwa takes visitors through a tarmac route where most locals can be sighted packing most of the food items like maize on to trucks while others carry hoes on their backs to go and dig in deep valleys. The existence of gardens in this area feature remarkable sceneries as they come with amazing green plantation.

  • Mount Elgon National Park

This Park strategically located at the border between Uganda and Kenya. It straddles within Kapchorwa and Mbale. Mount Elgon National Park offers refuge to rare vegetation species as well as other wildlife species like elephants, hyenas, buffaloes, forest monkeys (black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys), antelope families and many bird life that make up about 300 in the park most of which include the endangered lammergeier, baglafecht weaver, African goshawk and others.

Mount Elgon Crater lake

It can be accessed through Kapkwata and the forest exploration center at Bumasola in Kapchorwa district where mountaineering adventure trails are well established. In addition to wildlife, Mount Elgon also features the world’s biggest caldera with eight kilometers in diameter and circumference of about 40 kilometers. This caldera also stands at altitude of about 4321 meters.

  • The Sipi waterfalls

The Sipi waterfalls are located around 15 kilometers off Kapchorwa district on the Mbale-Kapchorwa route. They feature among the leading tourist attractions that most visitors on Uganda safaris flock to explore. The Sipi falls consist of 3 main waterfalls while at its bottom area the main activities include cave exploration, community walks and others. The Sipi River Lodge features among the few most remarkable areas that offer incredible views of the waterfalls.

Sipi Falls – Kapchorwa

The other nearby areas that you can easily pay a visit to while on safari to Kapchorwa include the Kidepo Valley National Park and the Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve, Nakapiripirit district in the north. These protected areas come with remarkable wildlife species like buffaloes, the hyenas, Oribis, Ostriches, elephants, leopards, lions many more. You can as well, embark on exploration centre which is designed for training of local communities and travelers on ecological issues and sustainable way of using the park’s natural resources. The community activity is largely wheat and maize growing and banana cultivation is usually done on subsistence basis.

In conclusion, Kapchorwa is one of the significant tourist areas that Uganda offers to its world travelers. If you are planning to have your next holiday in this country, then Kapchorwa should be one of a must to visit destinations in your itinerary. There is variety that a waits for you to explore and discover and you won’t regret spending your next vacation in this district.

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