Top Beaches In Uganda

If you love chilling out, then count Uganda a must to visit destination while you are on your vacation in Africa. This magical destination offers more than wildlife to its travelers. Uganda is proud to be a home to most spectacular beaches which come with amazing set up on Lake Victoria for you and your dear ones to go and relax out. About 80 percent of these beaches are located in Entebbe and they come in stunning sand, celestial sunrises, incredible bird-life and many more.

The notable Ugandan beaches include the following;

  • Imperial Beaches

Imperial Beaches are situated 42 kilometers southwest of Kampala and feature mainly Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical Beach which are perfect for visitors who are interested in water sports and sunbathing. These 2 beaches are near one another and they are kept by Imperial Beach Resort Hotel. At the Imperial Botanical Beach, there are several exotic trees, unique birds and plant species for you to explore. If you love photography then this is the best spot that you should consider visiting while on your holiday in Uganda.

  • Lutembe Beach

Situated approximately 4 kilometers along Kampala-Entebbe road in Wakiso district, Lutembe Beach features spectacular wetlands that are famous as bird haven and mostly refuges the white winged terns in Uganda. For bird lovers, this is the perfect spot for you to encounter most of the incredible birds. Compared to the rest of Ugandan beaches, Lutembe is open to the public. It is also the best site for campers and you can hire a boat then you cruise to the rose flower gardens and catch a glimpse at most of the aquatic birdlife.

  • Munyonyo Beach

This features not only its 5 star hotels but also an incredible Munyonyo beach which is found near Kampala and it is well kept by Munyonyo commonwealth resort. The beach offers several fun filled activities. You can hire a speed boat or canoe and you pay a visit to Bulago and Chimp Island. There are also helicopter safaris, fishing, horseback riding, games like football and many more.

  • Serena Resort Beach

Serena Resort Beach is found in Kigo town and it can easily be reached by visitors who stay in Lake Victoria Serena Resort. The beach is surrounded by lush and green vegetation and it is the best site for one to embark on a private boat ride or play golf. For swimmers this is the best beach that you should add in your bucket list.

  • Lido beach

Lido Beach is situated about one kilometer off Entebbe International Airport. It features as one of the ancient beaches that Uganda offers to the world travelers and perfect for weekend chill out. It is the best party spot and mostly visited by locals. Events are conducted in this beach almost each weekend right from family activities to wild parties. The white sandy beach comes with stunning sunsets.

  • One Love Beach

This is operated by Ugandan artist who is currently a member of parliament as well, Honorable Kyagulanye also known as Bobi Wine. This is situated in Busabala and offers the best spot for chilling and experiencing a cool lake breeze. There are lots of games to be enjoyed including beach volley balls, a pleasant stroll on the shore, boat cruises and many other enjoyable water sports. You will also have a chance to taste some of its food, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, snacks and many more. There are many local events that are always organized within this area.

  • Nabinonya Resort Beach

This beach is famous for its natural wonder. If you are searching for adventures then you need not to look any further than Nabinonya Resort Beach. The area features remnant forest, monkeys, reptiles and birds and all these offer unique experiences for travelers on Uganda safari. There is also campsite around and you can sight the local soccer youth team. There are also stall for you to grab some snacks and drinks.

  • Spennah Beach

This is one of the most frequently visited beaches by locals and also known as a party beach. During weekends, there are several events that are organized in this beach including fashion shows, birthday parties, weddings and musical festivals.

  • Lost Paradise Beach

This is Uganda’s hidden secretes. The beach is located southwest of Uganda along Lake Bunyonyi and can be reached within15 minutes’ on motor boat. The area is attractive and can be perfectly visited for swimming as it is free from bilhazia, crocodiles and hippos.

In conclusion, when you think about where to go for relaxation and chilling out, the above listed beaches should be a must to visit while you are on safari in Uganda. They offer the most refreshing atmosphere that gets you off the stressful week. Visit any of them and you won’t regret in life.

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