10 Tips for Interesting Safari in Uganda

A safari to a new destination like Uganda is one of the most puzzling things in life which require one to take his or her time to plan for it. Whether you are a first time traveler in Uganda or you are a repeat traveler still some things need to be done to avoid the regrets along the way. To help you have the best out of your self drive or guided tour in Uganda, we have a list of tips that we feel will offer you the most comfortable and safer adventure in and around the country;

You need to be always patient

Iin most cases the happiness gets us impatient but to have a culminating safari you have to be patient enough with everyone and everything around you. You need to wait in the traffic jam with a driver guide and ranger; order you placed at the hotel might delay but stay calm and wait for it.

Time awareness

Always be in area of interest at a right time otherwise if you reached afterwards you would have missed a lot more. Never be part of those who will be disappointed because they failed to keep time.

Keep records

Try as much as you can to take records by simply taking many photographs as you can to make your safari very memorable in life, make stopovers as many as you can. The major stopovers to most of Uganda’s national parks like Lake Mburo, Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park are the Equator and most cultural sites along the way.

Socialize with the residents of the area

If you want to have the most exciting and unforgettable trip in Uganda, join the rest of natives in the destination and interact with them as you explore most of the hidden sites and learn most of the new things in life. You can pay a visit to community, learn some local language, the way they prepare their traditional food and also learn their cultural dances and many more.

Take best use of internet

Prior visiting the common sites with a lot more crowd, try at least exploring the hidden adventures in the country side and make record in life, be among the first visitors to discover and visit some new sites and that is why it is better for you to take the best use of internet and find out the hidden sites that are worth visiting and write a blog about for the rest to read through.

Travel Insurance

Anything can happen along the way and you are required to be insured to stay safe and secure. Mostly you need medical insurance as you can not predict what will happen on way.

Budget and Plan

Budget and plan for your safari appropriately; when it comes to traveling, the entire experience is all about having fun but the most hurting thing is when the money gets finished when you are still in need of having fun. You need to budget for the trip well to help you stay peacefully while in the new destination like Uganda.

Book with tour operators

Booking a safari with a tour operator gives a chance to enjoy your trip just like a boss as they can get for you the best hotel or lodging facility within your budget as you just sit back. The tour operators are aware of which route to take and which one has the best stopovers for visitors to take and enjoy incredible attractions that Uganda has in offer for the world.

Stay Longer

Take longer time in the site as this will help you dig out the details about the attraction that you are interested in. Take at least 2 to one week while in the site and observe all the stunning and tourist spots which were planned mainly for you and boost your fun and satisfaction.

Have a taste of Uganda’s food

Uganda is referred as a boiling cultural pot meaning there are several cultures that are all confined within the country and each of them comes with its unique local dishes. Taste something new and you won’t regret about it. There a wide range of traditional dishes for you to choose and you will have a memorable trip in Uganda.
Therefore, for unforgettable experiences in Uganda, you need to consider the above tips and you won’t regret taking a trip to any of the national parks or city tour in Uganda.

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