Uganda is Free from Ebola and marburg epidemic

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Who ever plans a trip to Uganda should not be worried about Ebola or Marburg epidemic. A lot of information spread on the internet that west Africa was recently hit by Ebola, this was followed by more information that Uganda and Rwanda are also hit by marburg epidemic. However, this article aims at ensuring the world that despite of all the news spread on different websites, Uganda is very free and safe for all travelers!

We all know that writers and journalists over exaggerate small issues to make money out of the public. Travelers are advised to ask for first hand information from local travel agents / tour operators before cancelling their flights into Africa.

Yes we can not deny the fact that such epidemics some times happen in the country but NOT to an extent of cancelling trips. For example, you find an epidemic in the northern part of the country when the trip is going to south western part of the country, over 400 miles away! So dear travelers, always inquire about the current update from local travel agents, they are on ground and can give first hand information.

If you think a travel agent will not give you correct information, inquire from conservation organizations such as Uganda Wildlife Authority (Email:, website:, Uganda Tourist Board, and Rwanda Development Board among others. Such organizations can not risk their employees lives to stay in such dangerous areas, and if such tourism destinations are hit by the epidemic, such conservation organizations will stop tourism, and no tourist will be allowed into such destinations. People on ground give you first hand information.

Further more, in actual sense there is no connection between tourism and such epidemics unless some one is sabotaging. Most tourism pre-book their trips through local travel agents, well planned and organized. Even if you book through an agent in your home country, that agent will hire a local travel agent.

On such trips your will be guided by a local tour guide from the company. I don’t think the tour guide can risk his life to take tourists to risky areas hit by such epidemics. Please never cancel your or postpone your safari in Uganda or Rwanda, always seek for enough information from trusted sources other than relying on inaccurate information displayed in internet. Always visit for more information and travel updates in the great East African Region. For inquiries, send an email to

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